RYA Yachtmaster Development (Fastrack) ! Course Cornwall (Please see Special offers Page) !

Cornish Cruising's Royal Yachting Association Yachtmaster Development Course from Falmouth is a comprehensive 18 week programme designed to take the student from beginner to Yachtmaster Offshore qualification. 

The key to this programme is quality training and experience. Many "fast track" programmes involve acquiring logged miles on long ocean passages, where the experience and skills gained are minimal. The Cornish Cruising Yachtmaster Development Programme provides the opportunity to sail some of the world's most challenging waters, where knowledge, skills and experience gained is maximised.

Because every Fastrack Programme is tailor made, you will be on different boats, have different Instructors and different Crew each week.

This is an intensive training schedule but, on completion, the Yachtmaster ticket will be thoroughly earned and your confidence in your seamanship skills will be soundly based.

£8395.00 (Inc VAT) 

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18 Week Yachtmaster Offshore Courses

Certificates Acquired:

Competent Crew Course Completion
Powerboats Level 2
Day Skipper Theory
VHF/GMDSS Radio Operator's Licence
Day Skipper Practical Completion
Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Theory
Diesel Engine Maintenance
Radar Operator's Course
First Aid
Sea Survival
Yacht Husbandry
Coastal Skipper
Yachtmaster Offshore
STCW95 Basic Training
Day Skipper Motor Boat
Yachtmaster Ocean Theory (Astro) ICC
Jet Ski Proficiency
AEC 1 & 2

We also include a one week Instructor Training Course. 

Included in this course is a one week Bareboat Charter.

Please call if you would like to discuss the Yachtmaster Training Programme in more detail.

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Feedback from former Yachtmaster Development Students;- Please also see many Fastrack clients comments on Tripadvisor !

Jane and I wanted to drop you a line to record our thanks, as proud parents, to you and your team for transforming our Scott from a young lad looking for a new direction into a skilled and confident Yachtmaster who will find his way in the world.

Cornish Cruising were recommended to us as one of the top RYA sail training schools in the country, which is true, but it turns out you and your team are more than that. Nick, you have been honest, straightforward and as good as your word in all of our dealings. Knowing you would sort anything that came up has been a great comfort to us. Coming from rural Perthshire, some 600 miles from Falmouth, accommodation and supported living were worries for Jane and I, but you assured us that Scott would always have a berth on a boat, that he would be with kindred spirits and (even more amazing) that he would learn to cook! And so it has proved to be. Not only has he made some good friends with the staff and students at Cornish Cruising and in Falmouth, but he often reflects happily on the interesting folk he has shared a boat with and the fun they have had on their various voyages. Plus, wonders of wonders, now not only will he eat peppers and mushrooms but he can cook a passable spag bol with them!

During the months he has been with Cornish Cruising, Scott has gained lots of skills, an impressive list of qualifications and, despite having just recently finished the course, already has several job offers. But the thing that family and friends have been most struck by is the respectful and courteous self-confidence he has gained through his time with you.To any other parent out there who have a son or daughter who are undecided on the best way forward for them or who wants to do more in their gap year than just travel, we would highly recommend the RYA Yachtmaster Development programme. If you are looking for a team of skilled RYA instructors and caring professionals you can trust, you should contact Nick at Cornish Cruising. The team at Cornish Cruising are not only skilled professionals but they have that rare knack of being able to create a positive coaching environment that gets the best out of their students and builds self-confidence.

Scott plans to make a career at sea, but whether he does or does not the self-confidence your team has brought out in him will help him get the most out of life wherever it takes him and for that we are forever in your debt. Please do pass on our appreciation to your team.

Graham and Jane Gibson Scott (December 2015)

Thanks to everyone at Cornish Cruising that helped me along the way on my development program. I joined as a very rusty Day Skipper and with patience, flexibility and excellent training I achieved my ambition of getting my Yachtmaster Offshore ticket.  I am very glad I chose Cornish cruising because they supported me every step of the way.

Dom (Oct 2014)

I was looking into doing the RYA development programme last year.  After doing my research, looking into many different RYA training schools, I selected Cornish Cruising for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the quality of different Instructors that I would be trained by with their wealth of experience. Also, the varied number of boats that I would be sailing. The trips that had been planned during the course were the Scilly Isles, Channel Islands, Northern France, London and Ireland.

I have now just completed the course and I was not disappointed. Cornish Cruising lived up to my expectations and more.

I have now started my first Job as a skipper delivering sail boats around the Med. Thanks to all the instructors and staff at Cornish Cruising I feel I have the confidence and knowledge I need. Martin (Jul 2011)

I had to write to thank all the skippers I have sailed with during my Development Programme. My sincere gratitude goes to Phil, Chris, Karl, Peter, Tim, Keith and Bob. I am also grateful to Nigel for the theory work, but I cannot forget to thank Nick and Carolyn for their organisation and seeing me through to a successful Yachtmaster Offshore Exam. The skippers and instructors have been to a man, first class and I reiterate my thanks to each of them, as they have all helped me enormously. I'd sail with any of them, anytime, anywhere. Not only do they all explain and teach to a very high standard, I would be happy for any one of them to take my boat to sea with my family aboard and know they would not only be safe, but have fun and come back with the knowledge they need to improve their sailing.
See my earlier comment about not going anywhere else for your training. I came back to Cornish Cruising, as I said I would; I am happy to report I'm very glad I did. Phil (Sept 10)

This is just a note from us to say thanks once again for a fantastic 3 months on the Yachtmaster Development Programme at Cornish Cruising.  We chose Cornish Cruising over all the other schools we investigated for many reasons: your 4:1 student to instructor ratio; the excellent cruising grounds of the West Country; instructor experience; flexibility and individual tailoring of the programme; boat selection; accommodation on shore-based sections of the course; value for money.  After our three months, I am happy to say that we were not disappointed in any of these areas.

We sailed on a wide selection of boats which was invaluable experience and something that we could not have had at many other schools.  All the instructors are exceptional having a wide breadth of experience and the skills to impart that knowledge to us.  Special mention must go to Bill, Martin, Allistair and Peter who worked us hard and gave us the ability and confidence to make the grade.  This is not to take away from our shorebased instructors all of whom were excellent.

Many thanks again for a brilliant experience and I'm sure we'll be seeing you again soon when we are looking to get to the next level or simply for some relaxing cruising in the beautiful West Country. Kat & Dave (Oct 09)

Just a quick note to say thank you for all the time and effort you all took to make my Yachtmaster development programme a success. The teaching team, environment and atmosphere was light, professional, friendly and conducive to an enjoyable and complete learning experience and as you all know I was loathe to leave, but to your dread will be back in September to take my Cruising Instructor.
For anyone interested in taking the Yachtmaster development course, or any kind of sailing course with these guys, you would be a fool to yourselves to go anywhere else. Yes they are in the far off world of Cornwall, but the journey is worth making to be taught by instructors that are at the top of their trade and an owner that never sleeps in an effort to bring everything he can to the client to provide an enjoyable, rewarding, concise, professional learning experience. The only problem being that you don’t want to leave. Tim (July 09)

I have recently completed the Yachtmaster Development Programme this winter (08/09) and wanted to commend Nick and his instructors for providing a course that was flexible, enjoyable and achievable in the short time frame. The staff were friendly and approachable and due to the varied students I was able to meet people from all walks of life interested in the same goal of learning to sail. Thanks again to all who made my experience memorable despite the weather!  Helen (Jan 09)

"My experience of the Cornish Cruising Development Programme has been excellent throughout. The flexibility of the programme was important to me but also the way the programme had been structured and well thought through. I believe that I have gained a lot more than just achieving the qualifications, getting valuable experience and having a lot of fun along the way. I would recommend this to anyone that seriously wants to learn to sail - it is more than just another Fast-track course!"
Glenn.  (Jan 06)

"Many thanks for all your hard work, I have enjoyed every aspect of the fast-track course.  From sailing in a Force 9 to helming during a Helicopter Rescue Drill. I am currently delivering boats to and from the Mediterranean and enjoying every minute!"
Tom (July 07)

Having successfully completed the Yachtmaster Development Programme last week, I would like to thank you and your instructional staff for a first class experience which delivered beyond my expectations.
I chose Cornish Cruising for my course partly for your location and range of sailing grounds, but was delighted to be taught by the most professional instructors I could wish for, and enjoy a culture dedicated to student learning, which you have established at Cornish Cruising. It was also a huge experience to sail with the many and varied other students, from whom I learned a great deal. Dave  (June 08)

I was really delighted to have discussed with you my needs to do the Yachtmaster Offshore Qualification, and even though i had already Circumnavigated Ireland in 2002, you found a programme that fitted my needs to get me the Yachtmaster Qualification and then my Cruising Instructors Ticket.
I found your Instructors professional and willing, from the Classroom to Mileage Building, your Yachts and Equipment First Class and you even arranged (apart from 4 Helicopter Lifts) some Heavy Weather Training, on several occasions when appropriate.
Thanks to you for all your efforts and the efforts of your Training Staff.
Karl  (March 06)

Big 'Thanks' to Nick and all the Instructors that taught me.  A challenge on its own!  But with your instructors teaching students as individuals it was made easy along with excellent student/instructor ratio on shore based and practical courses.  The Yachtmaster Fast-track course is ALL you said it was and more.  No hidden extras everything included.  Your fleet of boats, accommodation, food and instructors - 5star *****.  I never knew learning could be so much fun.
Clare (March 10)